Messenger from God

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As a messenger from God it has been Marshall Vian Summers’ destiny to be guided and for his life to be orchestrated in order to prepare him to receive the New Message from God.

It has been arduous and demanding for him. He has suffered and endured to deliver this New Message, and deliver he did prodigiously and assiduously: over 9,200 pages of Revelation have been recorded, much of it transcribed, major books published and substantial content is available online for free.

“It was revealed to me by the Angels of God, a powerful, mysterious Presence that filled my mind and the surrounding environment with grace.”

Marshall Vian Summers, Messenger from God

The Messenger from God, Marshall Vian Summers, has maintained his humility and humanity throughout his long and inexplicable journey of bringing a New Message from God into the world.

Over the years, a small group of individuals, one by one, followed a calling which ultimately led them to take up their position to support this great work. He was also blessed with a son, who has now chosen to join him in his mission.

Now, after years of working quietly without worldly recognition, the time has come for the new Messenger from God and those called to help him to bring the gift of the New Message to humanity at this time of great change and uncertainty.

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